KRZ * Data obtained from meteorological station KRZ Port Bourgas

Ships at berth


The Port proposes to own Clients:

Loading-discharging and warehouse services;
Transporting-forwarding services;
Accompanying services, accomplishing to vessels;
Hiring of lifting-transporting machines and equipments;

Loading-discharging services include discharging and loading of floating vessels and land transport vehicles 
Transport-forwarding services include issuing of fulfilling of documents – Bill of Lading, Notice-Receipt, Out-Turn Report, Report Letter, as well as placing of lead stamp, clamps, etc.
Warehouse services include preservation of different type cargoes in open and closed warehouse areas of the Port with ensured security according to safety requirements.
Additional services proposed by the Port are hiring up of lifting-transporting machines and equipments, handling equipment and inventory owned by the Port.
Accompanying services connected with handling of the cargoes, concern lashing and securing, weighting, sorting, packing of cargoes, placing of iron strip, plugging of wagons, opening and closing of ship’s cargo holds, brushing, washing, covering, etc.

The Port carries out other services, including:

- Acceptance of garbage and vessel’s residues oil.
- Ensuring and supply of vessel with electric power, fresh water, installing of telephone connection, etc.
- Ensuring of parking for vehicles in the region of the Port.


Our priorities: 

Suitable geografic location – short railway and autoroad to the south undustrial part of Bulgaria 
Optimum climate and hydrometeorological conditions , allowing port’s operation all over the year 
Easy approach from the sea 
Well developed regional infra-strucrure – railways and highways 
Conditions of custom keeping for the parts of these cargoes. 
Individual terms to the every client, possibility to expand terms of the contract to them.