KRZ * Data obtained from meteorological station KRZ Port Bourgas

Ships at berth


KRZ PORT BURGAS is inserted in the Port Register of Republic of Bulgaria as Port for public transport with regional importance with purpose handling of non-dangerous general and liquid cargoes as well as bulk cargoes with nourishing origin.

KRZ PORT BURGAS JSC has at its disposal high-qualified personnel and technological equipment for doing services, connected to the whole process of handling and transporting of cargoes. The high quality of operating with cargoes is a necessary condition and guaranteered with the working system for management of quality ISO 9001:2008.


The Port dispose with the following shore and infra-structure facilities:

200м. own private pier, divided into two berths, with maximum draft of 10.20 m.


Front overload fascilities:
three portal electric cranes respectively with capacity - 5 t. , 10t. and 15 t., 
which are mounted on the own quay and in fact they operate to all quay length /first and second ship berths/


Mobile vehicles :

3 /three / Front -loader trucks                                                   
8 /eight / Forklift trucks with capacity to16 t and hoisting height 5m.                                                      

1 /one/ Universal excavator 20 t                                           
3 /three/ Conveyor belts for grain cargoes
1 /one/ Auto platform 14 m
6 /six/ Autotrailers wit carryng capacity of 12 and 16 t.
1 /one/ Auto tug UMZ with capacity 10 t.

2 /two/ Trucks with capacity up to 20 t.

1 /one/ Excavator Fuchs


Rear overload fascilities: 

4 /four/ electric bridge cranes with loading capacity of 12,5 t.
5 /five/ electric portal cranes with hoisting capacity of 12,5 t.


Electronic weighbridges: 1 /one/ - 80 t and 1 /one/ - 60 t.


Combined railway and auto platform.

Oun railway with total lenght 720 m.

Storage area: 

Open storage area  - 16000 sq.m.
Wharehouses          -  8040 sq.m. 


 5 /five/ Storehouses for grain - 4700 t

Closed warehouse 1500 sq.m., certified for grain cargoes

The total area of the yard is: 66313m2